Surfing the Tsunami: Innovation on Technology and Learning.

On behalf of Candace Thille, Dawn Zimmaro, Director of Learning Design and Assessment, gave a keynote presentation at the MOOC Research Initiative Conference 2013, entitled Surfing the Tsunami: Innovation in Technology and Learning.   Dr. Zimmaro's keynote presentation focused on the Open Learning Initiative's decade of research and development in creating open online learning environments based on the integration of technology and the science of learning with teaching.  She discussed how the OLI principles of learning outcome driven design, goal-directed practice and targeted feedback, and cognitive tutoring can be used to inform the next evolution of MOOC course designs.  Additionally, Dr. Zimmaro identified one of the biggest challenges facing in higher education: determining how to leverage technology to create authentic assessments at scale that simultaneously can support personalized learning experiences.  

This international conference brought together leading educators, designers, researchers, and administrators who are exploring the world of MOOCs to share experiences, practices, challenges, and next steps for these emerging digital learning models. The MOOC Research Initiative (MRI) is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a set of investments intended to explore the potential of MOOCs to extend access to postsecondary credentials through more personalized, more affordable pathways.  For more information on the MOOC Research Initiative go to: