Assessment-Based Design in Online Courses

The Open Learning Initiative has been offering evidence-based open and free online courses to learners across the globe since its inception in 2002. While much recent attention has been given to course design elements such as video length, content layout, graphics and visualizations in MOOCs and other online courses like OLI and how to use data derived from those courses to predict various outcomes, we have paid little attention to the measures of student learning we are creating. Much time is spent on the technological inputs and data outputs of these online courses, while ignoring the “assessment sweet spot” in between, essentially the glue that ties together the design of the course to the data generated from student interactions with the course. In this presentation hosted by the University of New Mexico's College of Education, Dr. Zimmaro explores this question: How do we apply “assessment-based design” principles in online courses to develop the tools and processes that create effective measures of student learning that are based on sound pedagogical and measurement principles and that produce the quality data we want?